How To: Register for Online Bidding for the Foundation + Alumni Fundraising Auction

How to Create Your Bidding Account on BigIron:

Online bidding for the 2021 ND FFA Foundation + Alumni Fundraising Auction will be open from June 5-9th at It is essential you register to bid at least 24-hours before placing your first bid. To register, follow these instructions:

  • In the top right corner, click Create a Free Account
  • Fill out the required fields
  • It may ask to register/verify phone number for bidding
    • Will send a confirmation email, may take 24 hours to verify your bid
  • Search for ND FFA Foundation/ Alumni Auction
    • Scroll through/ select item to bid on
  • Enter the desired bid
    • The Max bid check box allows the bidding system to bid for you up to the bid amount you select. The bid system will place bids for you, when needed, to keep you in the lead, until your Max Bid amount is exceeded. 
  • Click Submit

When the Online Auction closes, each item/lot closes in 2-minute increments after closing time. Example: 30 items, with each item closing every 2 minutes, the auction would close in 1 hr

NOTE: If a bid is placed within five minutes of an items close, the bidding period is automatically extended to at least five minutes. This will continue until there is a five-minute period where no bids are placed. This makes sure that all bids are captured, and no one can “snipe” an item at the last minute.