It is the mission of the ND FFA Foundation to support the leadership development opportunities and activities of the ND FFA and agricultural education.


  1. Fred Bakk donates land

    “Learning to Do, Doing to Learn, Earning to Live, Living to Serve.” This is the FFA motto and no one exemplifies it more than Mr. Fridtjov Bakk. It was the mid-1960’s, and Fridtjov Bakk reflected on his life as an immigrant farmer in eastern North Dakota and those who had made his transition from Norway to this country easier. Bakk had taken agriculture courses at a local high school and forged a relationship with FFA members that would impact North Dakota’s members for generations to come.

    Making arrangements with his attorney, Bakk established a land trust that would provide future FFA members support to advance their interests in agricultural careers. In October 2006, this trust was transferred to the North Dakota FFA Foundation, Inc.

    The North Dakota FFA Foundation Board of Directors immediately set out to make sure this trust was handled as Mr. Bakk had intended. Programs were developed that provide assistance to FFA members ranging from programs benefiting the youngest members to young farmers just starting their careers in agricultural production.

    Land in Sargent and Richland counties is farmed and continues to produce revenue that supports FFA programs across the state. Since 2007, the generosity of this gift has been responsible for Beginning Supervised Agriculture Experience (SAE) grants, Expansion SAE grants, college scholarships, Young Farmer scholarships enrolled in the ND Farm Business Management program, and special projects: a gift totaling over $300,000.

    The continuing legacy of this gift has and will continue to enhance the education and opportunities of the youth and young adults involved in agriculture in North Dakota for years to come. It is important that current and former FFA members and supporters know of the tremendous impact Bakk’s give has made and realize the lasting effect this gift has had and continues to contribute to agriculture’s future leaders.

  2. First Employee

    Joel Janke launches the Foundation and his wife Bev Janke serves as its first Executive Director.

  3. $1 from each ND FFA member

    $1 from each ND FFA member’s dues donated to the ND FFA Foundation.

  4. First Annual Auction

    The ND FFA Alumni and FFA Foundation hold their first annual auction during the ND State Fair.

  5. Beth Bakke-Stenehjem new Executive Director

    Bev Janke retires from the ND FFA Foundation and Beth Bakke-Stenehjem named as the new Executive Director.

  6. First Newsletter

    The inaugural issue of the ND FFA Foundation Newsletter is sent to donors and supporters.

  7. The ND FFA Foundation celebrated its 25th Anniversary

  8. 47 members received jackets at the State FFA Convention

    The Blue Jackets Bright Futures program is born, providing jackets to young FFA members. Forty-seven members received jackets at the State FFA Convention.

  9. Bismack Office

    The ND FFA Foundation office moved to 909 Basin Avenue in Bismarck.

  10. First Assistant Director

    Tam Maddock is named the Foundation’s first Assistant Director.

  11. Friend of the Foundation Award Launched

    Joel Janke named the first ND FFA Foundation Friend of the Foundation.

  12. Beth Allen

    Beth Allen hired as the Foundation’s part-time Fiscal Manager.

  13. Blue Jackets Bright Futures Program

    More than 250 jackets were given out through the Blue Jackets Bright Futures Program to new members.

  14. Bryan Strom

    Bryan Strom named 2014 ND FFA Foundation Friend of the Foundation.

  15. Farm Credit Services Donates Handbooks for 40 Years

    The FFA Student Handbook is given to every chapter across North Dakota.  It is used and given to every incoming FFA member.  Thank you, Farm Credit Services!

  16. Steve Zimmerman

    Steve Zimmerman named 2016 ND FFA Foundation Friend of the Foundation.

  17. Beth Bakke-Stenehjem

    Beth Bakke-Stenehjem resigns from position as Executive Director and Tamra Maddock named as the replacement.

  18. Andrew Young

    Andrew Young named as the replacement as the Foundation’s Assistant Director (previously Tamra Maddock).

  19. Bruce Bachmeier

    Bruce Bachmeier named 2017 ND FFA Foundation Friend of the Foundation.

  20. Doug Vannurden

    Doug Vannurden named 2018 ND FFA Foundation Friend of the Foundation.

  21. Thomas Winders

    Tam Maddock resigns as Executive Director.  Thomas Winders is hired as the Foundation’s first Sponsor and Program Coordinator.

  22. Butch Diane Haugland Family

    The Butch and Diane Hougland Family named the 2019 ND FFA Friend of the Foundation.


  23. Tommy Winders


    Tommy Winders selected to serve as ND FFA Foundation’s Sponsor and Program Coordinator.

    Andrew Young appointed as Interim Executive Director


  24. Tommy Winders – Executive Director

    ND FFA Foundation Board of Directors appoints Tommy Winders as Executive Director.

  25. Abovo

    ND FFA Foundation Board of Directors approves Abovo contract to retain their services.

    Team Abovo | LinkedIn


  26. Beth Allen named the Executive Director.