Tam (Livedalen) Maddock; President,
Jeb Reinhiller; Secretary,
Shawna (Titus) McFarland; Sweetheart,
Peter Foss; NE Region Vice President,
Todd Klein; NW Region, Vice President
Derrick Dukart; SW Region Vice President,
Jason Richter, SE Region Vice President

Every June, North Dakota FFA members select a new State FFA Officer Team. The team members selected will spend an entire year dedicating their time to leading its members by organizing and facilitating conferences; attending career development event competitions; speaking at annual chapter banquets; representing North Dakota at the National FFA Convention and so much more. North Dakota State FFA Officer Teams are an essential part of the FFA. Funding the state officer team’s travel and activities is an expense of roughly $20,000 per year. The BLUE JACKET BACKERS is a program created for past state officers to show their support for current and future state FFA officer teams. Every dollar received towards this program will go directly towards the expenses required to facilitate the ND state officer team which include: Official FFA Dress, State FFA Officer training, travel, hotel lodging, food, and college scholarships.
As part of this program, each year we will be showcasing the 30th anniversary ND State FFA Officer Team. We are very thankful and proud of your service to the North Dakota FFA Association.
Being a state FFA officer opened doors to new career opportunities, relationships, and personal development. Only your group knows how impactful this opportunity was, as a team and individually. Together, your team was influential to so many throughout the years, and we want to honor the impact you have made. We ask you to join us as a BLUE JACKET BACKER.

2023 - 2024



Ty MacDonald


Jack Stoppleworth

Vice President

Ian Dukart


Anna Hauge


Annaliese Rauschenberger


Ryan Slaubaugh


Ireland Watterud


What career path did you take?

For nearly 20 years I served in outdoor ministries as a camp director for Metigoshe Ministries in Bottineau, ND and Joy Ranch in Watertown, SD. Not surprisingly, so many skills I learned in FFA translated perfectly to life as an outdoor ministries professional-public speaking, teamwork, problem-solving and even livestock showmanship! I now serve as a regional leader for Thrivent where I continue to use those great FFA leadership skills to guide clients and advisors across the midwest. Even today at work, many conversations throughout the week are about farming, agriculture business and even the FFA!

– Kyle Debertin

What career path did you take?

My career focus is on providing better inputs to farmers around the world – from early career experience in seed production and planning with Pioneer Hi-Bred, now Corteva, through strategy and management consultation as a Partner in The Context Network to my most recent emphasis on accelerating agri-food system innovations in emerging countries as a Managing Director of Context Global Development, a non-profit organization.

– Mark Nelson

What career path did you take?

I pursued a career in agricultural communication and have had the honor of working for the state’s cattle producers in my job at the North Dakota Stockmen’s Association. I began as the organization’s communications director in 1995 and then assumed the executive vice president position in 2009. My husband Chad and I and our children also represent the fourth and fifth generations involved in the registered Angus business.

– Julie Schaff Ellingson

What about being a state officer was most impactful for you?

The officer team was unique and strong, deliberate and engaged… from the start. We worked well together and treasured one another. We worked through challenges and met expectations because we believed in one another, and we believed in the future of agriculture.

– Katie Dilse

What about being a state officer was most impactful for you?

This incredible position gave me the opportunity to learn speaking skills to effectively communicate the importance of agriculture and how it impacts EVERYBODY in the world. More importantly, learning that if you can’t do something yourself you can certainly do it as a team.

– Doug Kraenzel

What about being a state officer was most impactful for you?

The lifelong friends and experiences I gained. Bev & Joel Janke made a huge impact on all our lives. The impact that I hope I made on all FFA students past to present.

– Kari Fried

What about being a state officer was most impactful for you?

The relationships I built during that time. The greatest memory I have is getting to know and cherish a great couple who acted as my friends and advisors during my time as an officer, Joel and Bev Janke.

– Derrick Dukart

What career path did you take?

My career has been extremely diverse ranging from research, to support staff, customer service – both internal and external, to management and entrepreneurship. My involvement in the FFA is far and away the single most influential educational and training experience I’ve had to prepare me for all of these positions.

– Tam Maddock

How do you become a Blue Jacket Backer?

Each sponsorship level can be given by an individual or as one donation by your team. If it’s been a while and you need contact information for a fellow team member, please email office@ndffafoundation.com. The Blue Jacket Backer program has three different sponsorship levels available:

Progress Sponsor – $1,000
Unity Sponsor – $700
Strength Sponsor – $350

To complete your sponsorship online, please add the product above to your cart and checkout using a credit/debit card.

Writing a check? Mail it to:
ND FFA Foundation 909 Basin Avenue, PO Box 6022 Bismarck, ND 58504