Monthly Foundation Update: February 2020

Tommy joined Aaron Anderson, Craig Kleven, and Dr. Adam Max in attending the Three Circle Summit in Indianapolis for a two-day conference. The agenda was packed full of great programming discussions for Ag Ed as well as some breakout sessions focused on fundraising. The conference was great and ND FFA was well represented. Thanks to the Association for lining it up!

Giving Hearts Day took place on Thursday, February 13th and was such an incredible day for ND FFA! We were able to raise $47,077, “Met our Match’s”, and had the single largest fundraising day in ND FFA Foundation history! We had tremendous help from Abovo, Aaron Anderson, current, and past State Officers and we are grateful for their time. Click here to see the fantastic individuals who made this day successful. The support we received will benefit our members for the whole year, and we are so appreciative of our friends who made this day so wonderful!

State Officers Madeliene Nichols, Hannah Remington, and Ben Van Berkom on set for Giving Hearts Day

Tommy set up a booth at the Career and Tech Ed Fair at Northern Cass High School. It was a great event filled with kids excited about their futures!

SAE Grant recipients have been selected. Wow are there some cool projects happening across the state! Thanks to all who applied, and congratulations to the winners!

State Officers deliver SAE grants to Napoleon FFA recipients

Tommy was joined by State Officers Madeliene Nichols and Christina Bingham in carrying out an interview with Farm And Ranch Guide. The interview was wide ranging, covering topics like SAE’s, Fred Bakk, Giving Hearts Day, and the overall importance of ND FFA. The story can be viewed by clicking here. Thanks Farm and Ranch Guide for expressing interest in ND FFA!