Giving Hearts Day Chapter Checklist

To view this checklist as a printable PDF, click here. 

Complete this checklist by Giving Hearts Day for the chance to win cash prizes for your chapter and members! Everything you need is available on our toolbox online (see below).

1. Get Social

Send us a link to your chapter Facebook page. If you don’t have a page, now is the time to set it up! If you are making a page, name it [YOUR HOMETOWN] FFA Chapter.

2. Facebook Page Takeover

Update Facebook Cover Photo and Profile Photo from February 1st-15th using the photos found in the Giving Hearts Day Toolbox.

3. Countdown

Post 7 countdown graphics on Facebook from February 7th-13th. Tip: Schedule these in advance if you can!

4. Post It Around Town

Print 5 full-color posters and hang them around town.

5. Get Pledges

Using the form in the Giving Hearts Day Toolbox, obtain 20 donation pledges from around the community and submit their names and emails by February 7th. Tip: Businesses count, too!

6. Say Thank You

Hand deliver 5 #FFAmily pins to adults in your community who have helped your chapter in some way and tell them about Giving Hearts Day. Ask your advisor for these pins if you don’t have them!

7. Go Facebook Live

On Giving Hearts Day, go Facebook Live (or post a video) from your chapter’s page and encourage people to consider a donation.

Download and Submit Your Materials

Get the Giving Hearts Day Toolbox and submit your information by clicking here.