Emma Maddock (Kindred) has been selected to serve the ND FFA Foundation as an intern for the summer of 2020.   Maddock will be a senior at the University of Minnesota, preparing to graduate in the fall of 2020.  She plans to graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design and a minor in communications.  As a North Dakota native and past FFA member, Maddock looks forward to “coming back” for more experiences with the North Dakota FFA and to help promote its mission.

“We all depend on agriculture to live in more ways than we might realize,” highlights Maddock.  “I want to share and use my knowledge and skills to help dispel common misconceptions among consumers.”

Maddock’s initial spark and interest for the FFA began in 7th grade, when she first zipped up her blue jacket; a jacket with KINDRED NORTH DAKOTA spanning its back.

“I became more and more involved as I continued through high school,” says Maddock.  “My favorite Career Development Events were Agriculture Communications, Floriculture and Parliamentary Procedure.”

As a high schooler, Maddock also served in various chapter officer positions including serving as her chapter’s President her senior year.  As she now prepares to graduate from college and enter her professional career path, Maddock shares her excitement around gaining tangible experiences during her internship.

“I’m excited to utilize the communication skills I’ve learned during my undergraduate program in a setting where I can be a valuable part of a team,” she says.  “I know I’ll be able to learn so much by helping organize integral FFA events such as the auction and other Foundation events.”

Maddock hasn’t been only one in her family to gain valuable experiences with the North Dakota FFA, and contribute to its successes.  Maddock’s mother, Tamra Maddock, served as the North Dakota FFA Foundation Assistant Director from 2011-2017, its Executive Director from 2017-2019 and is now the agricultural education instructor at Central Cass High School.  Maddock’s sister, Brianna Maddock, served as the 2018-2019 North Dakota State FFA President.  Both of Maddock’s parents (Tamra and Rob) also served as North Dakota State FFA Officers.

Maddock will begin her position on May 26, 2020, and continue throughout the summer.  She will be under the leadership of the ND FFA Foundation’s Sponsor and Program Coordinator, Tommy Winders.