*ND Ag in the Classroom Mini Grants-- Due September 1, 2018 - $17,000 to be awarded

*TransCanada Corporation's "FFA is Living to Serve" Grants--TBA 

*Blue Jackets Bright Futures-- 2018 Due Date and Information to be announced. (last year more than 260 jackets were given away)

*Beginning SAE Grants-- 2018 Program to be announced. 

*Expansion SAE Grants-- 2018 Program to be announced

*Washington Leadership Conference-- Applications Due: March 15, 2018 

Full and partial scholarships are available.  Apply here.

*Application for College Scholarships-- APPLICATION DEADLINE HAS PASSED.  2019 Program to be announced in February 2019.

Explanation of Opportunities

*The ND Ag in the Classroom Mini Grants:
  The North Dakota Ag in the Classroom Council is offering grants up to $500 to groups or individuals sponsoring programs or projects that promote agricultural literacy.  A total of $17,000 will be awarded.  Grants may be awarded for less than the full amount requested, based upon the discretion of the granting committee and the funds available.   The proposed project must be targeted to young people from 5-18 years of age and should enhance student knowledge of the contribution made by agriculture.  Proposed projects or events designed to reach large groups of students will be given preference, as will those that involve innovative approaches to promoting agricultural literacy. 

*Blue Jackets Bright Futures:  Former FFA members, alumni, business and industry leaders, and other supporters of the ND FFA annually make donations to this fund for the purchase of new FFA jackets for FFA members who currently don't own one.  If you know of a FFA member who could use a jacket encourage them to fill out an application for this essay contest (Don’t forget to fill out both pages  - due November 6 annually).  If YOU can contribute to this program simply send a $74 donation to the ND FFA Foundation indicating its use for the Blue Jackets program.   No more than 10 applications are allowed per chapter. 

*Beginning SAE Grant Program(made possible through Bakk Farm funds):  Grants for 8th and 9th grade FFA members to develop or expand an SAE project.  ($15,000 to be spent)   If you have received a Beginning SAE grant in the past, you are not eligible for another one.  DUE DATE IS NOVEMBER 15 @ 5pm PST (NO EXCEPTIONS) - Please apply at FFA.org.

*Expansion SAE Grant Program(made possible through Bakk Farm funds): Grants for 10th and 11th grade FFA members to begin or expand on an existing SAE project.  ($15,000 to be spent) If you have received an Expansion SAE grant in the past, you are not eligible for another one.  DUE DATE IS NOVEMBER 15 @ 5pm  PST (NO EXCEPTIONS) - Please apply at FFA.org.

*College Scholarships   There are currently 11, $1,000 college scholarships available to college students and graduating seniors.  Scholarships are sponsored by the ND FFA Foundation Bakk Farm, Twin Cities Region Northland Ford Dealers, and Allen Giese. 

 *Washington Leadership Conference Scholarships:  Are you interested in taking your leadership skills to the highest level?   Have you ever thought about how you can influence others to lead?   Do you have what it takes to make a positive impact in your local community?    If you have ever asked these questions of yourself, then the Washington Leadership Conference is just for you.  Located in our nation's capitol, the Washington Leadership Conference is a five-day event that trains FFA members to make a positive impact in their school, local community, state and country.   The conference focuses on the following areas: problem solving, relationship building, living with character, developing an attitude of serving others.  The ND FFA Foundation has several scholarships for members.  

There are many opportunities the ND FFA Foundation has for North Dakota FFA Chapters and FFA members.  Below are just a few of the programs that could help your chapter with your community service projects, gain insight into farm safety, and help your members obtain leadership skills.  

Changes in  2017-18


​​The ND FFA Foundation is a 501(3)c non-profit organization established to support  the leadership development opportunities and activities of the ND FFA and agricultural education.


  1. Some program due dates have changed
  2. SAE Grant Programs-apply for these on the AET Website