Kristi Tonnesson, Member

Wishek High School


Pam Tonnesson, Member


Adam Marx, Member
Dept 2625
PO Box 6050
Fargo, ND 58108

Cole Ketterling,  Member
State FFA President

JoDee Free, Member
ND FFA Association
600 E Blvd., Dept. 270
Bismarck, ND 58505-0610

Brock Saewet, Member
4649 157th Ave SE
Davenport, ND 58021
Phone: 701-238-1525


The ND FFA Foundation is a 501(3)c non-profit organization established to support  the leadership development opportunities and activities of the ND FFA and agricultural education.


Alan Huettl, Member

Garrison, ND
Phone: 701-463-2234

Alfred Schwalbe, Member
State FFA President
1025 Chestnut Lane
Beulah, ND 58523

Misty Steeke, Member

Scranton High School

100 1st Fries St

Scranton, ND 58653

Phone: 701-279-6859


Brian Vculek, Member
220 Denver Dr
Crete, ND 58040

Tamra Maddock, Employee
16180 48th St SE
Davenport, ND 58021
Phone: 701-212-5235

Andrew Young, Employee
Fargo, ND
Phone: 701-426-9782

Beth Allen, Employee
909 Basin Avenue
 Bismarck, ND 58506-6022
Phone: 701-224-8390

The ND FFA Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization which strives to support leadership opportunities and activities of the FFA.  The Foundation was established in 1980.

FFA is Unique!  FFA is not a club.  It's an integral part of the Agricultural Education/Agribusiness Program, involving over 4700 members in high schools across North Dakota.  It is a practical hands-on learning, skills for production agriculture, skills for agribusiness, and skills for agricultural leadership.  For over half a century, FFA has been a vital part of the fabric of quality education in ND.

FFA is People!  Over 4500 ND young people are involved in FFA annually.  FFA members are between 14 and 21 years of age. Almost four hundred businesses and individuals are sponsors for the ND FFA Foundation.

“Learning to Do, Doing to Learn, Earning to Live, Living to Serve.”  This is the FFA motto and no one exemplifies it more than Mr. Fridtjov Bakk.  It was the mid-1960’s, and Fridtjov Bakk reflected on his life as an immigrant farmer in eastern North Dakota and those who had made his transition from Norway to this country easier.  Bakk had taken agriculture courses at a local high school and forged a relationship with FFA members that would impact North Dakota’s members for generations to come.  

Making arrangements with his attorney, Bakk established a land trust that would provide future FFA members support to advance their interests in agricultural careers.  In October 2006, this trust was transferred to the North Dakota FFA Foundation, Inc.

The North Dakota FFA Foundation Board of Directors immediately set out to make sure this trust was handled as Mr. Bakk had intended.  Programs were developed that provide assistance to FFA members ranging from programs benefiting the youngest members to young farmers just starting their careers in agricultural production.

Land in Sargent and Richland counties is farmed and continues to produce revenue that supports FFA programs across the state.  Since 2007, the generosity of this gift has been responsible for Beginning Supervised Agriculture Experience (SAE) grants, Expansion SAE grants, college scholarships, Young Farmer scholarships enrolled in the ND Farm Business Management program, and special projects: a gift totaling over $300,000. 

The continuing legacy of this gift has and will continue to enhance the education and opportunities of the youth and young adults involved in agriculture in North Dakota for years to come.  It is important that current and former FFA members and supporters know of the tremendous impact Bakk’s give has made and realize the lasting effect this gift has had and continues to contribute to agriculture’s future leaders.


​​​                      About Us 

​​​​   ND FFA Foundation Board of Directors 

*Executive Director
Tamra Maddock

*Assistant Director
Andrew Young

*CTSO Fiscal Agent
Beth Allen

Mike Axt, President
McClusky FFA
PO Box 426
McClusky, ND 58463
Phone: 701-363-2470

Jeff Hagel, Vice President
Granville High School
210 6th St SW
Granville, ND 58741
Phone: 701-720-4500

Aaron Anderson, Treasurer
ND FFA Association
600 E Blvd., Dept. 270
Bismarck, ND 58505-0610

Preston Gilderhus, Secretary
3662 62nd Ave NE
Oberon, ND 58357

Madison Bodine, Member
State FFA Secretary
3775 9th Ave N
Voltaire, ND 58792
Phone: 701-626-1185

Christina Dockter, Member
4956  41st ST SE
Medina, ND 58467