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ND FFA Foundation Board Meeting

Saturday, July 25, 2009 4:00 PM

State Fair in Minot


Present: Thomas Williams, Bruce Bachmeier, Beth Bakke Stenehjem, Bryan Strom, Steve Zimmerman, Doug Vannurden, Dennis Walsh, Missy Hanson, Joel Janke, Lane Moellenkamp, Lenny Tesky, Mitchell Becker, Levi Hall, Darin Spelhaug, and the present State FFA officer team. 

Meeting was called to order by President Thomas Williams. 20 Members present.  

It was moved by Bryan Strom to accept sponsors and FFA officers as voting members, seconded by Lenny Tesky. Motion Passed.  

The Secretary’s Report was presented by Beth. Lenny Tesky moved to accept the Secretary’s report, seconded by Bruce Bachmeier. Motion Passed.  

The Treasurer’s report was presented by Beth and Byran Strom gave an update on the Bakk farmland. Bruce Bachmeier moved to accept the Treasurer’s report, seconded by Lane Moellenkamp. Motion Passed.


Committee Reports

FFA Auction:  Around $8500 was raised up from2008. A thank you was given to Bucth Haugland for auctioneering.

ND FFA Alumni: Lenny Tesky spoke, saying that the alumni will be holding a raffle ending in March, 2010. Items on the raffle include 4-wheeler, 2- guns, flat screen TV, and 3 cash prizes.

State FFA Convention: Steve and Doug discussed that this years attendance was up( 1546 in attendance). There were 18 booths for Career Day and 90 individuals attended the Agricultural Education workshop.

National FFA Convention: Steve said the dates for this years convention were Oct. 21-24.  There continues to be challenges with housing and with meeting the Sept. 1st  registration deadline. Mitchell Becker will be a candidate for a National FFA office.

ND State Fair: Steve spoke on the number of exhibits are around 18,000 before the livestock and 2nd vegetable show. Steve also stated that the fair employee’s were very willing to help when needed.  

Bakk Trust Committee: Nothing new at this time.


Old Business

  Sponsorship of events: Beth spoke that the sponsors needed for State Fair, CDE’s, and other events are on the foundation’s website.

Fundraisers: There will be a NDSU Bison game on Nov. 21st and a Bobcats hockey game on Jan. 8th .

Contracts: Beth reported on the following contracts and their value; VSO ($21,500 ), Farm Management ( $2,400 ), Ag in the classroom ( $12,000 ), CTSO ( $ 10,000 ).

FFA Foundation member to National FFA Convention: Beth will send a email to find out if anyone would like to attend.

Monsanto Funds: Beth noted that Monsanto donated $15,000 to be used for agriscience and greenhouse supplies. 15 chapters received $1000 each.

Star Program: CHS is the only sponsor so far. Beth will continue seeking more.

New Business

  Ag Ed Intern: The foundation contribution will be about $1400.


Election of Board Members and officers

  Lenny Tesky nominated Dennis Walsh, Beth Bakke Stenehjem nominated Scott Dieterle, Steve Zimmerman nominated Lenny Tesky, and Beth Bakke Stenehjem nominated Kim Murphy. Byran  moved that nominations cease and we cast an unanimous ballot for all nominees, seconded by Lenny, motion passed.

Officer elections: Dennis Walsh nominated Thomas Williams for Presindent, Lenny moved that nominations cease and we cast an unanimous ballot for Thomas, seconded by Lane, motion passed. Bruce nominated Dennis Walsh  for Vice President and moved that nominations cease and we cast an unanimous ballot for Dennis, seconded by Lenny, motion passed. Lenny nominated Bruce Bachmeier for Secretary and moved that nominations cease and we cast an unanimous ballot for Bruce, seconded by Lane, motion passed. Bruce nominated Steve Zimmerman for Treasurer  and moved that nominations cease and we cast an unanimous ballot for Steve, seconded by Lane, motion passed.


Future Meeting


The next meeting will be at 9:30 on Sept. 23, 2009 in Carrington at the Chieftain.


Bruce moved to adjourn, seconded by Byran, motion passed.




Our Purpose                 

The ND FFA Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization established for the purpose of providing financial support to the educational activities of members and chapters of the ND FFA Association.  The FFA Foundation was established in 1980.  

Contact Information

Telephone:   701-224-8390 (office in Bismarck) Beth Bakke Stenehjem & Joel Janke
Postal address:    ND FFA Foundation   PO Box 6022   Bismarck, ND  58506-6022
Physical address: 909 Basin Avenue  Bismarck, ND 58504
Electronic mail 
General Information: bethbakke@btinet.net

Davenport Location:

Tam Maddock
16180 48th St SE  Davenport, ND 58021
Phone: 701-212-5235
Email: tamra.maddock@btinet.net